Just Popping by to say Hi

Hey dolls, hope you’ve had the best weekend! I was going to post this morning BUT it’s Sunday and I’m still suffering from Friday’s leg day so that’s excuse enough for me to lie in bed until 6pm and binge watch Greys Anatomy (BEST TV SHOW! If you haven’t watched it get on it). So back to the aforementioned leg day… Do you ever just wish it was acceptable to go out to either a club or a big birthday in your joggies?! Like you want to go out, have drinks, dance with your friends but the thought of squeezing yourself into something hot/leather/tight makes you feel like you’re approaching your golden years and the sound of a nice, warm bath and a good book is more appealing than going out like the 20-something gal that you are? Yeah same. WELL THE DILEMMA HAS BEEN SOLVED! Enter the Adidas Poppers…

Yup ladies, God has answered our prayers. Comfort with a sexy twist. They’re comfy (omg feel like they’re pajamas), they’re fun (if you tell me that you don’t have the time of your life unpopping the hell out of them then you’re actually dead inside so soz about that) and like I said, they’re sexy (THAT THIGH SLIT OOOOOH). Wear them with heels and fishnets and you are good to go. OR if you really are just chilling and living your best life then keep them relatively popped and match them with your favourite sneakers. I KNOW RIGHT!? BRILLIANT AND VERSATILE.

For this look I was clearly not chilling, so I paired it with a lace body from Quiz. If you haven’t either browsed your nearby Quiz or their website, change that ASAP. They’re stuff is amazing right now, and so reasonably priced (obsessed is an understatement). I accessorised with the ever sassy silver hoops and a gunmetal choker.

Trousers – Adidas Popper Pants

Top – Lace Bodysuit from Quiz

Shoes – White Strappy sandals from Missguided

Jewellery – Stella and Dot

Buzzin’ to see you soon!

Bee xo

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