Set yourself up for perfection

Hey Dolls!

Okay so I’m sliiiightly obsessed with my topic today, Arbonne’s new Setting spray. It’s literally a dream. It applies like a dream (no smudge!) and it stays like a dream. When I go on a night out I tend to dance from the moment I get there to the moment I leave, and when you over exert yourself makeups sworn enemy rears its ugly head – SWEAT (gross ew). So every single night out for me pretty much is as follows: Apply makeup. Get to first destination. Go to bathroom to fix/apply makeup. Travel to next destination and utilise compact mirror to fix makeup. Arrive at new destination. Enjoy oneself for a brief ten mins. ANNNND back in the bathroom. You get the picture… so when I heard Arbonne was releasing they’re very own setting spray I felt like prayers had been answered.

I used to use Urban Decay’s Setting spray but stopped using their products full stop due to the company’s ethic on Animal Cruelty and use of Animal By-Products. When I used this product for the first time on Saturday I was not disappointed! Not only did the spray ensure that my makeup didn’t budge, but it also protects your skin from any nasties in the environment. I only had to reapply my lipgloss the whole evening (HU-LLO JACKPOT).

One of my favourite things about this product is it’s size. It’s extremely compact. It fits into my small clutch – the same clutch I struggled to fit my iPhone8 plus into – so you can set your makeup on the go, or even mist your face with it throughout your day for extra hydration. Just to surmise this product is Vegan, Animal Cruelty free and plant based. It’s green AND great! What more would a girl want?!

Get your Setting spray here!

Buzzin’ to see you soon,

Bee xo

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