Fill me in

Hey Dolls, hope you’ve had the best weekend! Okay so lets chat my outfit Friday night. The khaki Lace jumpsuit. It is literally a dream. Clinging in all the right places AND it’s super comfy. WHAT A GIRL WANTS, WHAT A GIRL NEEDS. Xtina clearly had this in mind when she belted that.

This babe comes with inserts to cover your dignity. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted, but then who doesn’t want to experiment? That’s what fashion’s all about. With this outfit you don’t want to over-accessorise, keep it minimal. With a high neck like that avoid necklaces ESPECIALLY statement pieces. One of my pet-hates is a busy neckline. The only time a statement piece is acceptable in your neck area is if it’s over a bare neck, anything else you deserve to be jailed for such a heinous crime. Now earrings, that’s a different story. Go big or go home is usually my motto, but I decided to just go for plain silver hoops to not take away from the focal point. My other option with this look was to style my hair in a topknot with some BIGASS earrings, but in the end I opted for a messy high pony tail and plain-Jane hoops. You win some, you lose some.


IMG_5243 2

Pair with a small clutch. My advice is to keep the colour neutral. Keep away from pastel colours or “out there” textures, like the fur or jelly craze. That is for another day, another outfit.

Buzzin’ to see you soon

Bee xo

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