Life’s too shirt…

Hey dolls hope you’ve had the best week and looking forward to the weekend- I know I am because I will be sunning it up in the states with a margarita very soon.. So let’s chat about the classic shirt dress. They may be for men but as a true feminist that doesn’t stop me! Is it just me that screeches Shania Twain’s line “MENS SHIRTS SHORT SKIRTS OH AH OH” when they’re shimmying into their lil’ number?! Yeah that’ll be just me…

Tips for making your oversized shirt work: absolutely give your it own twist. I’m all about that girly vibe (most of the time) so I tend to over compensate on the accessories and add a statement belt and stack dem bracelets (DRIPPING). If you’re not about that gal pal Barrie gal look then by all means grunge it up with biker boots a leather jacket and even wear a vest top, leave it fairly unbuttoned to give it that devil may care/just rolled outta bed and I hate everyone look. If you’re curvy I highly recommend you get a shirt specifically for women, if you create a dress out of a guys shirt then you run the risk of looking top heavy! Keep it tailored and fitted around the shoulders and waist (that’s what the belts for obv). If you let it hang (basically the shapeless look) make sure that the shirt comes above knee rather than below, or else you look like you’ve missed your turn in for the nunnery…. Boots or stilettos are my go-to choice of footwear for this look.

My shirt dress is from Pretty little thing.

The other dresses that are pretty similar to mine are New Look, Boohoo and Missguided.

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