Autumn is here🍁…

Hey dolls.. so it’s been a while since I last posted and I thought I’d dedicate this long overdue post to one of my favourite things – AUTUMN FASHION!!! Ugh autumn is one of my favourite seasons. It’s cold enough to bring the knitwear out but not too cold enough to pile on the layers and potentially ruin a chic, minimalist look. So the first look from my autumn wardrobe is cosy chic!

It’s not cold enough (well surprisingly in Scotland anyways) to bring out the woollen overcoats just yet. Autumn is the season of the Mac/trench coats! So I chose a basic bitch beige and swapped the tie belt with my black leather belt to change it up. Small details like swapping out accessories can transform an outfit! I chose my black Gucci belt to coordinate with my very cute sock boots from Topshop and black skinny’s from Guess.

My staple piece is from Lipsy London. It’s a classic piece so invest gals! I paid £120 two years ago for this jacket and it’s lasted me ridiculously well and it literally doesn’t age. INVESTMENT LADIES, INVESTMENT!

Can you tell I’m partial to Gucci? I added a pop of colour with my favourite scarf ever! You can wear the most plain outfit but add this babe of an accessory and BOOM! Miss Plain Jane who?! Gucci stripe is literally life. My top is a ribbed pink number from Zara!

My trench coat is unfortunately sold out but I found a few that are extremely similar:

  1. H&M Trench Coat in beige
  2. Missguided Trench Coat
  3. Guess Trench Coat

Scarf – GG scarf

Boots –Topshop

Buzzin’ to see you soon

Bee xo

Life’s too shirt…

Hey dolls hope you’ve had the best week and looking forward to the weekend- I know I am because I will be sunning it up in the states with a margarita very soon.. So let’s chat about the classic shirt dress. They may be for men but as a true feminist that doesn’t stop me! Is it just me that screeches Shania Twain’s line “MENS SHIRTS SHORT SKIRTS OH AH OH” when they’re shimmying into their lil’ number?! Yeah that’ll be just me…

Tips for making your oversized shirt work: absolutely give your it own twist. I’m all about that girly vibe (most of the time) so I tend to over compensate on the accessories and add a statement belt and stack dem bracelets (DRIPPING). If you’re not about that gal pal Barrie gal look then by all means grunge it up with biker boots a leather jacket and even wear a vest top, leave it fairly unbuttoned to give it that devil may care/just rolled outta bed and I hate everyone look. If you’re curvy I highly recommend you get a shirt specifically for women, if you create a dress out of a guys shirt then you run the risk of looking top heavy! Keep it tailored and fitted around the shoulders and waist (that’s what the belts for obv). If you let it hang (basically the shapeless look) make sure that the shirt comes above knee rather than below, or else you look like you’ve missed your turn in for the nunnery…. Boots or stilettos are my go-to choice of footwear for this look.

My shirt dress is from Pretty little thing.

The other dresses that are pretty similar to mine are New Look, Boohoo and Missguided.

Fill me in

Hey Dolls, hope you’ve had the best weekend! Okay so lets chat my outfit Friday night. The khaki Lace jumpsuit. It is literally a dream. Clinging in all the right places AND it’s super comfy. WHAT A GIRL WANTS, WHAT A GIRL NEEDS. Xtina clearly had this in mind when she belted that.

This babe comes with inserts to cover your dignity. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted, but then who doesn’t want to experiment? That’s what fashion’s all about. With this outfit you don’t want to over-accessorise, keep it minimal. With a high neck like that avoid necklaces ESPECIALLY statement pieces. One of my pet-hates is a busy neckline. The only time a statement piece is acceptable in your neck area is if it’s over a bare neck, anything else you deserve to be jailed for such a heinous crime. Now earrings, that’s a different story. Go big or go home is usually my motto, but I decided to just go for plain silver hoops to not take away from the focal point. My other option with this look was to style my hair in a topknot with some BIGASS earrings, but in the end I opted for a messy high pony tail and plain-Jane hoops. You win some, you lose some.


IMG_5243 2

Pair with a small clutch. My advice is to keep the colour neutral. Keep away from pastel colours or “out there” textures, like the fur or jelly craze. That is for another day, another outfit.

Buzzin’ to see you soon

Bee xo

My guide to clear skin

Okay so I had reaaaaal bad acne. I’ve never really been bothered it with it until last summer. So from last summer until about month a half ago my face was a riot. It literally resembled craters (ew so bad). Before I’d always been a soap and hot water or the dreaded face wipes…. So as soon as my acne occurred I started homing in on my skincare regime and decided something had to change. After researching I found out that the AGEING process (yuppp that’s right ageing) starts at 24… crazy right? So now not only did I have the worry of acne but now ageing. Ffs. Prevention is better than cure, so at 22 I decided I was going to just use anti-ageing! And guess what? My acne cleared up (YAAAASSS MATE).

The range I use is called RE9 Advanced and it consists of Cleanser, Toner, Serum (this amazing little product is the star of the anti ageing combat) eye cream, day cream and night cream. The range is formulated with orange peel stem cells so this helps with the tone, texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

I combat the scars with Genius pads! These are amazing as they remove dead skin cells and improve your overall complexion!

My top tip for banishing scars is to mix the Lemon Essential Oil, with your moisturiser! Lemon is renowned for bleaching skin and also preventing further breakouts due to its antibacterial properties. Literally the dream right there.

Buzzin’ to see you soon,

Bee xo

Set yourself up for perfection

Hey Dolls!

Okay so I’m sliiiightly obsessed with my topic today, Arbonne’s new Setting spray. It’s literally a dream. It applies like a dream (no smudge!) and it stays like a dream. When I go on a night out I tend to dance from the moment I get there to the moment I leave, and when you over exert yourself makeups sworn enemy rears its ugly head – SWEAT (gross ew). So every single night out for me pretty much is as follows: Apply makeup. Get to first destination. Go to bathroom to fix/apply makeup. Travel to next destination and utilise compact mirror to fix makeup. Arrive at new destination. Enjoy oneself for a brief ten mins. ANNNND back in the bathroom. You get the picture… so when I heard Arbonne was releasing they’re very own setting spray I felt like prayers had been answered.

I used to use Urban Decay’s Setting spray but stopped using their products full stop due to the company’s ethic on Animal Cruelty and use of Animal By-Products. When I used this product for the first time on Saturday I was not disappointed! Not only did the spray ensure that my makeup didn’t budge, but it also protects your skin from any nasties in the environment. I only had to reapply my lipgloss the whole evening (HU-LLO JACKPOT).

One of my favourite things about this product is it’s size. It’s extremely compact. It fits into my small clutch – the same clutch I struggled to fit my iPhone8 plus into – so you can set your makeup on the go, or even mist your face with it throughout your day for extra hydration. Just to surmise this product is Vegan, Animal Cruelty free and plant based. It’s green AND great! What more would a girl want?!

Get your Setting spray here!

Buzzin’ to see you soon,

Bee xo

Just Popping by to say Hi

Hey dolls, hope you’ve had the best weekend! I was going to post this morning BUT it’s Sunday and I’m still suffering from Friday’s leg day so that’s excuse enough for me to lie in bed until 6pm and binge watch Greys Anatomy (BEST TV SHOW! If you haven’t watched it get on it). So back to the aforementioned leg day… Do you ever just wish it was acceptable to go out to either a club or a big birthday in your joggies?! Like you want to go out, have drinks, dance with your friends but the thought of squeezing yourself into something hot/leather/tight makes you feel like you’re approaching your golden years and the sound of a nice, warm bath and a good book is more appealing than going out like the 20-something gal that you are? Yeah same. WELL THE DILEMMA HAS BEEN SOLVED! Enter the Adidas Poppers…

Yup ladies, God has answered our prayers. Comfort with a sexy twist. They’re comfy (omg feel like they’re pajamas), they’re fun (if you tell me that you don’t have the time of your life unpopping the hell out of them then you’re actually dead inside so soz about that) and like I said, they’re sexy (THAT THIGH SLIT OOOOOH). Wear them with heels and fishnets and you are good to go. OR if you really are just chilling and living your best life then keep them relatively popped and match them with your favourite sneakers. I KNOW RIGHT!? BRILLIANT AND VERSATILE.

For this look I was clearly not chilling, so I paired it with a lace body from Quiz. If you haven’t either browsed your nearby Quiz or their website, change that ASAP. They’re stuff is amazing right now, and so reasonably priced (obsessed is an understatement). I accessorised with the ever sassy silver hoops and a gunmetal choker.

Trousers – Adidas Popper Pants

Top – Lace Bodysuit from Quiz

Shoes – White Strappy sandals from Missguided

Jewellery – Stella and Dot

Buzzin’ to see you soon!

Bee xo

Fila’n good


Hey dolls, happy Friday!

As expected the rain is back, which means no more summery numbers for a few days (cue sun dances over the uk), but a lil rain never hurt nobody. Today I opted for casual chic and embraced the 90’s nostalgia trend that’s all the rage with the kids these days…


So I decided to wear a must-have this season, a popular 90’s branded boyfriend tee (highly recommend brands like Ellesse, Kappa or even Umbro), with the Adidas superstar leggings (if you don’t own a pair of these I’m just going to assume you’ve been living under a rock like seriously?!). For the “jacket” I picked a cropped denim because, I mean it is June so I feel if I wore anything heavier then that would just be a bad omen right? My absolute favourite from this look are my Ellesse Iridescent sneakers! YES I AM AWARE THEY ARE SOMETHING A SIX YEAR OLD WOULD WEAR! But when I seen them I knew I just had to have them, and there’s definite unicorn vibes… who doesn’t want that?


I accessorised with a Yankee hat and my pink fur Backpack (it was a throw up between the fur sliders or the fur  Backpack but when I seen the rain my fate was sealed – LIGHTWEIGHT.)


Tee – Fila Boyfriend Tee @ JD Sport

Leggings – Superstar Three stripe leggings @ Adidas

Shoes – Ellesse iridescent trainers @ Schuh

Hat – New York Yankees Cap (the one I’m wearing was a limited edition white logo, the only available one is all black)   @JD Sport

Bag – Puma Fur Backpack in Rose (Unfortunately Rose is sold out, the only available one is in black) @ Foot Asylum

Jacket – Denim Jacket was from Hollister but I found one very similar in @ Superdry

Buzzin’ to see you soon,

Bee xo

Supersize your vision.. and blazer

Hi Dolls, hope you’re having the best week!

Okay so lets talk about one of my favourite things at the moment, OVERSIZED blazers. They’re not what I thought i’d be obsessing over at this time of year. Like HU-LLO Bee??? It’s summer, find a bikini and a beach! But the reality of the situation is I live in scotland so the weather doesn’t allow short-shorts everyday. So my obsession is completely acceptable in this climate. Anyways I digress……. Back to the subject at hand – OVERSIZED BLAZERS. Is it a dress? Is it a jacket? Are you naked underneath? Who knows. But does it look good? Yes! Am I ridiculously comfy? DUH


So one of the main reasons I love these fashion staples is because it LITERALLY makes your outfit. Dress it up, dress it down; it’s so versatile. I have this particular one in black as well (it will most definitely appear on here soon), because I couldn’t not have that timeless piece in my collection. I teamed this gorgeous jade green number with a lace black bralette to give this simplistic look an edge.


Keeping it fairly minimal and not taking too much attention from the focal point of the look , I paired it with my little black clutch, gold hoop earrings and beige platforms. 


Blazer – Quiz

Gold Chained Black Clutch – Guess but it’s sold out. Found a similar one from New Look

Beige Platforms – Missguided

Buzzin’ to see you soon,

Bee xo