My guide to clear skin

Okay so I had reaaaaal bad acne. I’ve never really been bothered it with it until last summer. So from last summer until about month a half ago my face was a riot. It literally resembled craters (ew so bad). Before I’d always been a soap and hot water or the dreaded face wipes…. So as soon as my acne occurred I started homing in on my skincare regime and decided something had to change. After researching I found out that the AGEING process (yuppp that’s right ageing) starts at 24… crazy right? So now not only did I have the worry of acne but now ageing. Ffs. Prevention is better than cure, so at 22 I decided I was going to just use anti-ageing! And guess what? My acne cleared up (YAAAASSS MATE).

The range I use is called RE9 Advanced and it consists of Cleanser, Toner, Serum (this amazing little product is the star of the anti ageing combat) eye cream, day cream and night cream. The range is formulated with orange peel stem cells so this helps with the tone, texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

I combat the scars with Genius pads! These are amazing as they remove dead skin cells and improve your overall complexion!

My top tip for banishing scars is to mix the Lemon Essential Oil, with your moisturiser! Lemon is renowned for bleaching skin and also preventing further breakouts due to its antibacterial properties. Literally the dream right there.

Buzzin’ to see you soon,

Bee xo